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Burberry Foundation

Established in 2008, the Burberry Foundation is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to helping young people realise their dreams and potential through the power of their creativity.

Through the generous donations of Burberry, its employees and customers, the Foundation works to help young people gain confidence, build connections in their communities, and grasp opportunities to succeed.

We accomplish these goals by granting financial support and combining that with the knowledge, creativity and dedication of Burberry employees. A key extension of the tradition of philanthropy at the company, the Burberry Foundation provides a strategic platform for Burberry’s engagement in community initiatives and builds charitable giving in key regions where the majority of Burberry employees live and work.


The Burberry brand is anchored in the integrity of its outerwear, a tradition that began when Thomas Burberry invented gabardine and continued by Burberry making the coats that would keep Ernest Shackleton, among other adventurers, warm and dry regardless of the extremity of their conquests. Since the beginning of the 20th century, aviators, cartographers, and mountain climbers alike have worn Burberry to expand the boundaries of human experience.

The Burberry Foundation recognises that while the nature of exploration has changed, the horizons today’s young people seek to conquer are no less daunting than the South Pole was a century ago. The twenty-first century requires new skills among young people who are looking to become successful adults in today’s multicultural, diverse global community. They must be educated well beyond their primary school years; they must be skilled in language and relationships and be technologically and culturally fluent; and they must navigate difficult decisions and locate trustworthy mentors to open doors to professional careers and meaningful lives.

Just as Burberry has clothed and encouraged the adventurers of the past, the Burberry Foundation will support the creative spirit and the ambition of the young people of today by helping them to navigate the uncertain terrain of their age and of the complex world in which we live.

Funding Priorities

The Burberry Foundation’s grant making is focused on supporting innovative programmes and building sustainable partnerships with charitable organisations that work with young people, specifically helping them to:

  • gain confidence in their daily lives and develop self-esteem;
  • build connections to their families, friends, partners, and society at large; and
  • develop the ability to reach for opportunities in school, work, and life.

Confidence, connection, and opportunity are critical components of a young person’s life. Confidence supports an individual from the inside; connection to community provides nurturing and support from the outside; and opportunities make possible the way forward in work, love, and life. By supporting young people in these three critical components, the Burberry Foundation aims to kindle their creative spirit, which we believe is innate in everyone and which empowers young people to envision their futures and go after their dreams.

In considering requests for support, in addition to meeting the funding priorities named above, we give preference to projects that:

  • are located in a community where Burberry employees live and work;
  • are managed competently through accountability, cost effectiveness, strong leadership and creativity;
  • provide a significant and measurable impact;
  • have factored in long-term sustainability; and
  • have the potential to offer volunteering opportunities for Burberry employees.

How We Work

The Burberry Foundation invests in select charities focused on supporting young people in the key cities in the regions where the majority of Burberry employees live and work. The Foundation facilitates and encourages Burberry employees to participate in volunteer roles with our charity partners, and also makes in-kind donations, often merchandise donated by Burberry, as and when appropriate.

Unfortunately the Burberry Foundation is currently not accepting unsolicited requests for support.

The Burberry Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1154468) and company limited by guarantee (no. 8731570)

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