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As a global luxury retailer and manufacturer, employing over 10,000 people and operating in nearly 500 retail locations worldwide, Burberry is acutely aware of its responsibilities.

To make our products we source materials from all over the world. Through our finished goods suppliers alone we touch the lives of tens of thousands of workers and their families. To continue to flourish long into the future, we depend on specialist talent, a healthy natural environment and a stable supply chain. We are therefore committed to leveraging our brand to drive positive social and environmental change globally.

Burberry’s work is underpinned by a number of policies designed to drive investment in their people and communities, ethical trading and environmental sustainability. There is a global governance system in place to ensure effective decision-making and implementation of policies.

Responsibility Governance

Burberry’s Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer is responsible for all internal people matters as well as health and safety, ethical trade, community investment and environmental sustainability, and regularly reports on these topics to the Group Risk Committee and the Board. The Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer also chairs the Responsibility Working Group, which consists of senior executives from relevant business units and oversees the development of Burberry’s responsibility commitments and strategies.

Key social and environmental sustainability commitments are developed in partnership with both internal and external stakeholders and supported by a number of policies and programmes. Responsibility programmes are monitored by various internal committees, including the Responsibility Working Group, and guided externally by the Burberry Impact Advisory Committee, which comprises external expert stakeholders.

Burberry’s responsibility teams are located in key cities, including London, New York, Hong Kong, Florence and Tokyo, and are focused on successfully delivering the corporate responsibility targets.

Burberry follows the Turnbull Report guidance and UK Corporate Governance Code. Further information on the approach to corporate governance can be found in the Corporate Governance section.

Corporate Responsibility Governance