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Payment method

The Company encourages shareholders to have their dividends paid directly into their bank account. This payment method is quicker and more convenient and means that cleared funds are available on the dividend payment date. It also avoids the cost and inconvenience of lost, stolen, spoiled or out of date cheques.

If you currently receive your dividends via cheque and would like them paid directly into your bank account instead, please contact our Registrars.

Dividend ReInvestment Plan

The Company’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) enables shareholders to use their dividends to buy further Burberry shares. Full details on the DRIP, including an application form, can be obtained from the Registrars.

For details of forthcoming dividend payment dates, please see the Financial Calendar. For details relating to past dividends please see the table below.

Dividend Amount Record date Payment date
Interim 2017
Final 2016
Interim 2016
Final 2015
Interim 20159.7p30.12.201423.01.2015
Final 201423.2p04.07.201431.07.2014
Interim 20148.8p27.12.201324.01.2014
Final 201321.0p05.07.201301.08.2013
Interim 20138.0p21.12.201225.01.2013
Final 201218.0p06.07.201202.08.2012
Interim 2012 7.0p 30.12.2011 27.01.2012
Final 2011 15.0p 08.07.2011 04.08.2011
Interim 2011 5.0p 31.12.2010 28.01.2011
Final 2010 10.5p 09.09.2010 05.09.2010
Interim 2010 3.5p 08.01.2010 04.02.2010
Final 2009 8.65p 03.07.2009 30.07.2009
Interim 2009 3.35p 05.01.2009 29.01.2009
Final 2008 8.65p 04.07.2008 31.07.2008
Interim 2008 3.35p 04.01.2008 31.01.2008
Final 2007 7.625p 06.07.2007 02.08.2007
Interim 2007 2.875p 05.01.2007 01.02.2007

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