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In July 2018, our Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci revealed the brand’s new graphic identity, designed in collaboration with the legendary British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville.

Inspired by an original drawing from our archives, the Thomas Burberry monogram (‘TB’) is used on its own and as a repetitive print. It celebrates the heritage of our fashion house in a return to the spirit of our founder, whose initials are referenced in the design.

In September 2018, the Thomas Burberry monogram was brought to life in the Thomas Burberry Bear, which has appeared in New York, Shanghai and London. Many iconic landmarks and major Burberry stores across the world have also been wrapped in the new monogram. It is a powerful new language.

Riccardo Tisci has defined a new language for the brand and new house codes which we are now establishing. From May 2019, we are bringing the Thomas Burberry monogram to customers through product and in-store.

We are transforming our in-store experience to continually engage and excite customers. The monogram product launch coincides with a series of product pop-ups in 21 key cities around the world, as part of our strategy to deliver continuous newness and experiences to clients. In fact, the monogram never really existed without the idea of the monogram pop-up. We always knew we would want to introduce this is some spectacular way. 

The monogram stripe takes over our Seoul flagship store in South Korea in May 2019. 

The monogram stripe takes over the Kerry Centre store in Shanghai, China. 


The Thomas Burberry Monogram at Sunset Beach, Shelter Island, New York.

The Thomas Burberry Bear at Marble Arch, London. 

The Thomas Burberry Bear on the Xintiandi Taiping Lake, Shanghai, China.

The Thomas Burberry Monogram takes over our store in Seoul, South Korea, in September 2018.

The Thomas Burberry Bear in Astor Place, New York.

The Thomas Burberry monogram on the streets of London, UK. 

A showcase of our monogram campaign shot by Nick Kniight projected onto Senate House in London, UK.

Our monogram in Beijing, China. 

The Thomas Burberry Monogram on the streets of London. 

Monogram in Hong Kong.

The Thomas Burberry Monogram projected onto Global Harbour, Shanghai.

The Thomas Burberry Monogram takes over our flagship store, 121 Regent Street, London.