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Our Purpose

Our purpose remains our guiding principle, from the products we design to the operational aspects of our business. It permeates the four pillars of our strategy: Product, Communication, Distribution and Digital, and their enablers, Operational Excellence and Inspired People. To illustrate this, we have classified examples of our strategic progress in FY2019/20 by their relevant strategic pillar and the intrinsic key values, which support our purpose.


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We believe in the power of creativity and are passionate about what we do. We combine this with a commitment to excellence.

For us, being Creatively Driven means:

  • We find beauty in every detail
  • Put passion and creativity in everything we do
  • Committed to excellence
  • Challenging the ordinary to pursue the extraordinary

We challenge ourselves to keep thinking ahead, creating the space to explore new ideas and possibilities.

For us, being Forward Thinking means:

  • An open space for imagination
  • Free to explore, push boundaries, pioneer
  • Unafraid to stand out
  • Our creativity drives us forward

We honour Burberry’s DNA, combining a strong sense of heritage with a desire to learn from the world. We are inspired by our past as we shape the future.

For us, being Proud of our Heritage means:

  • Inspired by our past, as we create our future
  • Globally minded, learning from others
  • Championing contrasts from royals to rebels
  • Representing Britain on the global stage

We are committed to nurturing an open, inclusive and united culture. Upholding a legacy of respect and belonging that stretches back to our founder.

For us, being Open and Caring means:

  • Harnessing strength in diversity
  • United to achieve common goals
  • Responsible, guided by our conscience
  • Upholding a legacy of respect and inclusivity
Open and Caring