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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

At Burberry we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where all our employees have opportunities to achieve their ambitions.

We are proud that we do not have a gender pay gap in our retail teams, and of the progress we have made at board and executive team level where we have the highest representation of women in executive team and direct report positions in the FTSE100 (recognised in the 2018 Hampton Alexander review where Burberry was named the top performer).

Since 5th April 2018, the date our 2017/18 Gender Pay Gap report is based on, we have continued to take steps to ensure women as well as men are able to fulfil their potential and further their careers, but we recognise that we have more work to do to strengthen the pipeline of women leaders.

The measures we are putting in place to address this will take time, but we are confident they will positively impact our business, help narrow our gender pay and bonus gaps, and promote a culture that encourages women to develop and progress their careers at Burberry.

Burberry 2017/18 Gender Pay Gap report.

Burberry 2016/17 Gender Pay Gap report.