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Burberry Foundation

The Burberry Foundation was set up in 2008 by Burberry Group plc as an independent charity (UK registered charity number 1154468) for general charitable purposes and grant-making. The Board meets four times a year and is responsible for upholding the Foundation’s vision and ensuring delivery of its charitable purpose.

Conscious of the varied social, environmental and economic impacts of the luxury industry on communities worldwide, the Foundation is dedicated to using the power of creativity to drive positive change in these communities and build a more sustainable future through innovation. It is therefore taking a strategic, long-term approach and partnering with leading organisations to promote the STEAM agenda, tackle educational inequality, reduce waste and support social and economic development.

This is also in line with Burberry’s responsibility plans for 2022, enabling the Foundation to maximise impacts of its grants by leveraging key Burberry assets, including the vast experience, skills and passions of its employees.

Since 2017, The Burberry Foundation has launched a number of key strategic partnerships with the following organisations:

The Royal College of Art – the expanded Burberry Design Scholarship  programme will benefit more than 30 students by 2022.

Teach First, The Career & Enterprise Company and MyKindaFuture – to tackle educational inequality, enhance career advice and inspire young people about the variety of career paths possible in the creative industries. The programme is focused on supporting young people in key social mobility cold spots across Yorkshire and London.

Oxfam Italy – to foster community cohesion and support youth employability in Tuscany, an area renowned for its garment and luxury leather goods production, but also facing challenging levels of poverty, youth unemployment and economic migration.

Oxfam Afghanistan and Pur Projet – to support social and economic empowerment in Afghanistan by creating a more inclusive and sustainable cashmere industry and help herders enhance their livelihoods. Despite persistent armed conflict and extreme poverty, Afghanistan remains the world’s third-largest product of cashmere fibre and a key sourcing region for the luxury fashion industry.

Elvis & Kresse – a partnership with a sustainable luxury company that creates lifestyle accessories by re-engineering waste material through innovative craftsmanship. By showing how leather offcuts can be transformed into a range of new products, this partnership aims to affect real change in the leather goods industry.

Progetto Quid -  a women-led social enterprise based in Verona, Italy, offering employment and professional growth opportunities to the most vulnerable, especially to women. Where the fashion supply chain ends, Quid’s story starts: they recover excess fabric from the best brands and textile makers and turn them into limited-edition fashion collections and accessories.

Ideas Foundation and the City University of New York’s Creative Arts Team – to deliver Burberry Inspire, a multi-year in-school art and culture programme designed to understand how exposure to the arts can have a positive effect on young people’s lives. The programme is active in both Yorkshire and New York.

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