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Global Environmental Policy

We are committed to respecting the environment, minimising the environmental impacts of our own operations and activities in our supply chain.

To reduce the climate change impacts of our own operations, including our offices, stores, manufacturing and distribution sites, we have set ourselves a goal to become carbon neutral by 2022, by improving energy efficiency, reducing consumption and switching to renewable sources, before offsetting any remaining emissions. A further goal is to create innovative solutions to the endemic waste challenge facing our industry, by revaluing waste and igniting a makers’ movement.

To reduce environmental impacts in our supply chain, we work closely with our partners to improve chemical management, reduce energy and water consumption and increase the use of renewable energy wherever possible. For example, water is required for the cultivating and processing our raw materials and for washing and dyeing, accounting for a substantial proportion of our total water footprint. The communities in and around our value chain also rely on water for their daily lives. One way in which we are addressing this challenge is our commitment to eliminate by 2020 the use of chemicals that may have a negative environmental impact and by reducing water usage throughout our value chain.

Our environmental policy is mandatory and applies to all our own and our supply chain partners’ activities.