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Business Model

Our vision is to establish Burberry’s position firmly in luxury fashion. By sharpening our positioning in the most rewarding and enduring segment of the market, we will drive sustainable growth and higher margins over time, while continuing to deliver attractive returns.

The Burberry team consists of over 10,000 employees worldwide. Our Company designs, develops, makes and sells products under the Burberry brand. Product design and development are centred in Burberry’s London headquarters with finished products manufactured at both company owned facilities in the UK and through an external supplier network predominantly located in Europe.

Creative and marketing content and programmes are developed to engage and connect the brand and its products with consumers. Burberry products are sold globally through its stores and online at, as well as through third-party wholesale customers, both instore and online. 

In a few selected areas, we use the product and distribution expertise of licensing partners.

Our business model is designed to create long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders.


We are a globally recognised luxury brand with a distinctive British attitude and 163 years of heritage. We have an extensive network of both owned and franchised stores which allow us to interact directly with luxury customers around the world and provide a strong sales base. We are digital pioneers, and innovative technology underpins every aspect of our business, from product design to distribution and marketing. Our wide-ranging marketing activities enable us to engage with luxury consumers across channels, from digital media and social platforms to image-driving print media and innovative installations. We leverage our strong financial position to develop and invest in capabilities in line with our capital allocation framework.


Our design process begins at our headquarters in London, where our creative teams work across womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and accessories. We collaborate with licensing partners on our Beauty offering. We innovate to bring our designs to life with new materials, techniques and combinations to remain at the forefront of fashion while ensuring our activities have a positive social and environmental impact.


We source materials based on their quality and sustainability, working closely with our network of suppliers to ensure we receive the highest quality materials and goods while supporting our partners to drive social and environmental improvements in their operations. We have fully owned manufacturing facilities in the UK and Italy, which allow us to maintain control of quality and design in key elements of our supply chain. Across our own facilities and those of our partners we are committed to implementing a zero-waste mindset. We are focused on reducing, reusing and recycling any waste we create while looking for innovative solutions to move towards a circular business model.

Distribution and communication

We have a large network of owned and franchised stores located in the top fashion destinations around the world, and our own e-commerce capability serving 44 countries. We also work with select luxury wholesale and licensing partners, including third-party digital providers, to complement our distribution. We enhance our customer touchpoints with our digital capabilities, from the moment of inspiration to the post-purchase experience. Our communications place product at their heart, reaching customers through their preferred channel, from editorial to influencer, across key fashion cities and amplified through made-for-social activations.

Social and environmental responsibility

We are committed to being an agent for positive change. Through our operations and supply chain we are reducing our environmental impact, while with research partnerships and creative design we aim to stimulate demand for more sustainable raw materials. We are also committed to supporting the people and communities touched by our operations with worker well-being, youth inspiration and community cohesion programmes, as well as social and economic empowerment. Learn more about our Responsibility Agenda.

Value creation

We create beautiful and distinctive products of the highest quality, representing the best of British fashion. We invest in the communities in which we operate to drive social good and support well-being and growth. By growing our core business in a responsible manner, increasing revenues and margins over time, we also drive long-term, sustainable shareholder value and return cash to shareholders.