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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to fulfilling our purpose and are at the core of our values. We want to provide a platform for all communities to thrive and believe that attracting diverse talent and fostering an inclusive culture enables us to better support our people and be more creative in everything we do. 

We have set out global standards for how we can foster an inclusive environment in our Global Diversity and Inclusion Policy, ensuring we are creating a culture that will minimise barriers and create more moments for colleagues to feel represented, listened to and celebrated throughout our business. We review our Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy annually and continue to work with external organisations to ensure inclusive practices and procedures are upheld across Burberry, that we exercise fairness and that people with disabilities are equally considered.

Our policy is supported by our global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy, which underscores our commitment to living Burberry’s values and empowers our people to make more inclusive decisions. We are also supported by the collaboration and consultation of our Global Equity Council, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and our Cultural Advisory Council.

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion also extends beyond Burberry. We champion and advocate for changemakers, organisations and initiatives that have a meaningful impact on underrepresented communities. We believe it is important to celebrate diversity in our campaigns and shows, and we have measures in place to ensure we assemble casts that are representative of our customers and communities.

To discover more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Burberry, see below.

Our DE&I Strategy

The principles of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy are woven into our global colleague journey, from fostering an open and inclusive culture, to investing in global education programmes which encourage our people to be curious and challenge behaviours. In 2024 we launched the next iteration of our DE&I strategy with a renewed focus on three key pillars, including: 

Further to our participation in benchmarks like the FTSE Women Leaders Review or Bloomberg GEI, and voluntary disclosure of ethnicity data in our annual Gender Pay Gap reporting, this pillar builds on our commitment to transparency and will drive greater data disclosure and governance. 

Building on the strengthening of colleague education, including the creation of our first ever trans-inclusion guidance and our functional working groups, this pillar will work on continuing the DE&I learning journey of our global colleagues and consolidate all groups into a Global Equity Council.

Further to our anytime feedback platform and partnerships with organisations like The Outsiders Perspective or the Business Disability Forum, this pillar will build on the protocols we have in place and focus on how we can leverage partnerships to better support representation and inclusion.


Enabling our ERGS

We have several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) across Burberry to support our people and enable our colleagues to champion what matters to them.

Our core ERGs include Women Empowered, Empowered Black Network (EBN), LATINX, Sustainability, Working Parents, Asians in America, LGBTQIA+, Women in Tech, and Disability and Neurodiversity.

In FY 2023/24 our Women Empowered ERG joined forces with Women in Tech to participate in the #IAmRemarkable Google empowerment pilot event. The event took participants on a journey to recognize their personal and professional value and shared techniques on how to be comfortable with self-promotion.

We continue to stay connected with our ERGs, providing guidance on best practice to grow their influence and impact on our global workforce. 

Our Cultural Advisory Council

To ensure accountability and that we deliver against our objectives, we engage with our colleagues directly and create safe spaces within which feedback can be provided to the business throughout the year. 

We are also supported by the collaboration and consultation of our Cultural Advisory Council, which is comprised of thought leaders from a range of backgrounds across the globe. Meeting three times per year, the council collaborates with Burberry to challenge our way of thinking and play an active role in advising on how we can best activate and evolve our approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I).

The council’s involvement includes roundtable discussions with members of ExCo and the Global DE&I team, providing external advice and context for individual policies as well as engaging with our internal teams on set initiatives. To date, the members have helped to advise on a range of initiatives, from helping us to embed a global education strategy to raising awareness of psychological safety and the connection between mental health and inclusive environments.

Discover more about our members and their experience as part of the Burberry Cultural Advisory Council below.

  • Geoffrey Williams


    Geoffrey joined Burberry as the Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in April 2022. As part of his role, he is driving the next phase of Burberry’s DE&I strategy, which is focused on valuing and embracing differences, and creating an environment where everyone feels they belong, has a voice and can reach their full potential.

    Prior to joining Burberry, Geoffrey worked in the entertainment industry, working with artists signed to Def Jam and Dreamworks Records, before moving into roles within healthcare, transport and media. Occupying a range of roles within Human Resources and People functions, Geoffrey’s holistic experience of both functions led him to become the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Thomson Reuters and then Dr Martins. In 2018, Geoffrey was recognised by The Financial Times Top 100 Ethnic Minority Role Models list and then by The Global Diversity List in 2020 – which also includes VP Kamala Harris and Jacinda Ahern amongst others.

    “On joining Burberry, I was thrilled to see that a Cultural Advisory Council was in place and that it also included and is endorsed by key representatives from the brand’s senior leadership team. A huge part of the challenge when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion is that the conversation is constantly evolving. Having a supportive council that we can call on to impart their personal, professional and cultural insights into our work is invaluable to our business, and something that not only benefits the brand commercially, but also helps us continue to be the open, caring and inclusive employer that we are proud to be.” 

  • Dr Halima Begum


    Dr Halima Begum is Chief Executive of the international humanitarian agency ActionAid UK and former CEO of the Runnymede Trust, the UK's leading race equality think tank. She is an internationally respected authority on UK civil rights.

    Halima began her career as an analyst on Lord Parekh’s Commission for a Multi-Ethnic Britain. She went on to become a diplomat with what is now the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. There, on extended overseas posting, Halima led and supported a wide range of international development programs for the UK government. Among them, the Sino-British action plan to combat global food insecurity, the reconstruction of Nepal in the aftermath of the civil war, and girls’ education in Pakistan.

    Halima serves as an advisor to a variety of organisations including the British Academy, the Nuffield Foundation, the Scottish Government and ITV. She is an expert advisor to the Constitutional Review convened by the Institute for Government and the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at Cambridge University. She also sits on the boards of the National Council for Civil Liberties (Liberty), the NHS Race and Health Observatory and DEMOS. In 2022, the Shaw Trust named Halima one of the five most influential disabled people in the UK.

    “I'm incredibly honoured to join Burberry's Cultural Advisory Council. For some years now, it has been clear that much of the really pioneering and transformative work around cultural awareness and equity is in fact being quietly led by the private sector - by organisations possessing a vision that reflects the diversity, values and creative spirit of all their stakeholders. Burberry is a tremendous example of that reality, and I look forward to supporting this great British institution in every way I can.” 

  • Hussain Manawer

    Born and raised in London’s East End, at 15 years old Hussain Manawer found fascination with rhythmic lyricism, and the hope and escapism behind metaphorical wordplay. This fierce passion continued into adulthood, with his debut collection Life is Sad and Beautiful released a decade later. The collection entered The Sunday Times Charts upon release and sold more than 10,000 copies within the first few months, making him the first British Pakistani Poet to hold such a position.

    After reaching millions of people online with his raw emotive pieces, in 2017 Hussain used his reach to create a new Guinness World Record for The World’s Largest Mental Health Lesson alongside Professor Dame Til Wykes of King’s College London and Hackney Empire. Hussain was later awarded an Honorary Fellowship at King’s College London, as well as the Point of Light award by the UK Prime Minister for his outstanding efforts in helping the country’s mental health crisis. 


    “I hope through the work we do, people feel seen, they feel heard and understood. It's forever a work in progress and as we always say, we have come so far and there is so much further to go, long may it continue.”

  • Jonathan Akeroyd


    Jonathan is an experienced leader with a strong track record of building luxury brands and driving profitable growth. He has extensive experience across the fashion and luxury goods sector, with a focus on brand and product elevation, strategic development and global expansion. Prior to joining Burberry as Chief Executive Officer in March 2022, Jonathan was Chief Executive of Gianni Versace SpA where he reorganised and accelerated growth at the Italian fashion house, building on the brand’s rich heritage to elevate product, communications and the customer experience.

    As President and Chief Executive Officer of Alexander McQueen between 2004 and 2016, he led a turnaround of the British luxury brand, successfully steering the company’s growth and strategic development. Jonathan’s earlier career included a number of senior roles at London-based luxury department store Harrods.

    “The success of any business is underpinned by diversity of thought, ideas and backgrounds, and by allowing people to comfortably express this in an open and trusting environment. Our Cultural Advisory Council plays an important role in reinforcing this at Burberry and ensuring that our company culture continues to be one that is inclusive and embraces both internal and external perspectives.”

  • Rod Manley

    Rod Manley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Burberry and has more than 25 years of experience in the luxury fashion industry. After studying business and languages at university, Rod started out at KCD – an agency that specialises in luxury PR and communications. Soon after, he joined Giorgio Armani, where he served as Worldwide Director of Public Relations and Media Planning in Milan, and subsequently Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications in New York.

    Transitioning to the US brand Calvin Klein, Rod became Executive Vice President of Global Communications for four years, before joining Burberry in 2019. As Chief Marketing Officer, Rod strategically aligns all of Burberry’s brand, marketing, communications and creative media teams, affirming our status as the leader in modern British luxury.

    “Our campaigns and content are at the forefront of our identity as a brand, and we want all that we create to truly reflect our values and the diversity of our communities. Being a part of the Cultural Advisory Council allows us to leverage the expertise and thought leadership of professionals across a range of industries to ensure we evolve and continue to remain relevant to our consumers.”

  • Dr Valerie Purdie-Greenaway

    Valerie Purdie-Greenaway is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Columbia University and an instructor at Columbia Business School.

    Dr Purdie-Greenaway’s research focuses on the psychology and biology of identity in organisations. Her interests include diversity science in schools and corporations, gender and power, understanding and closing achievement gaps, and implicit bias. Dr Purdie-Greenaway has authored over 50 publications and her research has been featured in media outlets such as the New York Times, Fortune Magazine, The Atlantic and Scientific American.

    “I think about our very first meeting where instead of posturing and figuring out which one of us was smarter than the next, we shared our stories, our dreams, our worries, and cultivated that sense of belonging, with Burberry allowing us the space and time to do that. We created an incredibly powerful connection that has translated into our ability to talk about really serious issues.”

  • Walter Ivey Delph III

    Walter is a Venture Partner at Archer Venture Capital. 

    Previously, Walter served as the Chief Business Officer at Magic Leap, where he was responsible for the overall leadership and financial results of the company’s business teams including Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Sales, Developer Relations, Product Development, Business Development, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Walter co-founded and was a Partner and Managing Director with Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Ventures, BCG’s Venture Capital and Incubator entity. At Digital Ventures, he co-led its North American business, overseeing marketing, product development and digital growth, as well as serving on the global Operating Committee.

    Walter’s prior leadership experience also includes the positions of CEO of Adly, Senior Vice President of Digital Operations at Twentieth Century Fox, and executive roles at Verizon, Time Warner, Bertelsmann and Goldman Sachs.

    “I've learned a tremendous amount from the council members. There are so many different perspectives that are brought to the table. So, you're not just looking at it from one lens, a business lens or a marketing lens. You're hearing about issue from a cultural lens. You're hearing about issues from a media perspective. You're hearing about issue in terms of impact to others in the community. It's a really comprehensive perspective and I think the combination of Burberry’s leadership with the council members has created something quite special.”

  • Xavier "X" Jernigan

    Xavier “X” Jernigan is not only the Head of Cultural Partnerships, but also the voice of Spotify. Joining Spotify in 2016, X brought Spotify to the red carpet of global events like the Oscars and the AMAs for the very first time and is now the personality behind the world’s first AI DJ, a newly launched feature which is changing the way that the world listens to music.

    A Founding Member of The Kennedy Centre Hip-Hop Culture Council, X also brings Hip-Hop programming to the United States’ performing arts center and acts as a Guest Curator for Hip-Hop for the Lincoln Center.

    As a native of Daytona Beach, Florida, X is a proud MBA graduate of FAMU and graduated NYU as Valedictorian (M.A.; Music Business). He also serves on the NYU Steinhardt Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board, but X is most proud to serve as a Deacon at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY.

    “Working together has created this really positive momentum around change and what Burberry's role can be in making the world more equitable and more accessible for so many different people. I just like the fact that it's such a smart, diverse group doing this work and Burberry’s leadership really values us. I really feel like I'm part of the Burberry family.”

  • Professor Xiongwen Lu

    Professor Xiongwen Lu is the Dean of School of Management and Founding Director of the Chinese Marketing Research Center at Fudan University.

    Professor Lu’s teaching and research interests cover marketing in China, corporate reorganisation and change management. He is also the chief editor of “Advanced Dictionary of Management”, has authored or co-authored seven books and published over 60 research papers.

    Professor Lu has been serving as Vice Chairman of China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee since 2008. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

    “Especially for a multinational company, it is necessary to understand and respect the cultures and values across different regions. I have a deeper understanding of the differences in the interpretation of the same cultural concepts and phenomena in different regions, and a better understanding of the motivation and mission of Burberry to better promote DE&I. I am willing to support this in any way I can.”

  • Yrthya Dinzey-Flores

    Yrthya A. Dinzey-Flores joined the council in 2022 and is an innovative ESG leader with cross-industry expertise in philanthropy, social responsibility, diversity, equity, and workplace inclusion in the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

    Yrthya was the first Chief Diversity Officer for New York State, and in her current role leading ESG at Justworks, she collaborates closely with CEO Isaac Oates and the entire leadership team to embed DE&I, Social Impact and Sustainability into business practices. In Dec 2023, Yrthya moved to Warner Music Group to lead on global diversity, equity and inclusion as Senior Vice President DE&I.

    In addition to this, Yrtha also currently serves on the boards of The Hispanic Federation, The Latino Victory Fund and The NY Public Theater.

    "Culture is a unique component that allows Burberry employees to dream together and focus on one common vision for success. Through it, Burberry sets itself apart from other brands around the globe elevating its values, identity, and mission.”

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