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Burberry Inspire


Burberry Inspire is a global programme dedicated to providing safe spaces for young people to explore their creativity, develop new skills and, as a result, foster positive change in their lives and in their communities. 

Building on our founder’s commitment to supporting local communities and the belief that creativity can open spaces, Burberry Inspire brings all youth-focussed activity conducted by The Burberry Foundation and Burberry Group Plc together under a single identity. With Burberry Group plc partnerships focusing on in-school programmes and The Burberry Foundation on youth-orientated organisations, Burberry Inspire is facilitated and delivered through a network of partnerships across the world to ensure that we create impact at both a global and local level.

Spanning a variety of fields from sports, design and the creative arts, to STEM-related skill development, entrepreneurship and programmes aimed at breaking down educational barriers, Burberry Inspire opens up spaces for young people to grow their self-esteem and build critical life skills. 

With the shared purpose of helping over 500,000 young people between FY 2022/23 and FY 2025/26, Burberry Inspire is underpinned by a belief that life chances should not be determined by background or lack of opportunities, and that by enabling young people to thrive today, we are building a better tomorrow.



Developing young leaders  

To ensure that the diversity of young people’s lived experiences and perspectives remains at the core of Burberry Inspire’s programming, The Burberry Foundation developed an initiative to bring together young leaders, amplify their authentic voices and address social issues in their local communities. 

Comprised of 20 young changemakers aged 17-20 from nine Burberry Inspire partners, the initiative is designed to develop the next generation of leaders by offering unique development opportunities and fostering greater confidence in self-expression. Consisting of a series of biweekly skills workshops, learning sessions and roundtable discussions, participants will learn how to leverage the power of storytelling to address social issues and play a key role in shaping the annual theme for Burberry Inspire.

To enhance each young leader’s development and to give insight into how their passions could be translated into meaningful careers, each leader is appointed a Burberry mentor to guide them through the programme as well as in their next steps into the world of work.

Our Partners

To create the greatest impact at both a global and local level, Burberry Inspire supports a range of youth-focussed organisations that bring their critical expertise and deep understanding of local contexts to our mission. 

Collectively, Burberry Inspire has 16 partners and continues to work together towards a shared objective: to positively impact 500,000 young people by FY 2025/26. 

  • The BRIT School


    The BRIT School is the UK’s first and leading free performing and creative arts school for 1,400 young people aged 14 to 19. The school – an exempt charity based in Croydon – invests in the future of the UK’s cultural wealth by nurturing young artistic talent from all backgrounds and teaching the skills needed by the rapidly growing creative industries.

    In July 2023, Burberry announced it was partnering with The BRIT School to support fashion education and help young people from global majority backgrounds to enter the creative industry. As part of the two-year partnership, Burberry would sponsor the school’s Fashion, Styling and Textile (FST) course and introduce a Stepping Stones Bursary Prize to final-year students.

    Stuart Worden, Principal of The BRIT School - “This is a defining moment for The BRIT School to be partnering with Burberry, a leader in the British creative industries. The BRIT School is both a shelter for students to be who they want to be and a springboard to achieve ambitious career goals in the creative world. Through Burberry’s generous support, we’re looking forward to connecting our students to industry professionals and offering enhanced facilities on our Fashion Styling & Textiles course for students to train to professional standards and be industry ready.”

    Funded by Burberry Group Plc

  • Castleford Tigers Foundation


    The registered charity of the Castleford Tigers Rugby League club, the Castleford Tigers Foundation offers a range of sporting, educational, entrepreneurial, health and welfare programmes to allow young people in the Castleford community to aspire, dream and excel. With a manufacturing facility based in Castleford, Burberry has a deep-rooted connection to the region. 

    In February 2024, Burberry announced that it was welcoming the Castleford Tigers Foundation to its Burberry Inspire programme. The two-year partnership is designed to harness the power of sport to engage young people in the Castleford area in programmes that offer greater access to education, learning and employment opportunities.

    Mat Lancaster, Castleford Tigers Foundation Head of Operations - “It’s fantastic to be working with a strong brand such as Burberry to enable the Castleford Tigers Foundation to deliver this 2-year programme of impactful support into the local community, using sport as the inspiration and bringing the two sectors together under one project. Burberry has a rich history in the Town of Castleford and it’s great that staff will also be a part of the project delivery.”

    Funded by Burberry Group Plc

  • China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

    The China Soong Ching Ling Foundation is a public welfare foundation established in 1986 by the China Welfare Institute founded by former Vice President of the People’s Republic of China, Mme. Soong Ching Ling. Since its inception, the foundation has focussed on improving the lives of underprivileged women, children and people in need by funding and implementing sustainable public welfare projects in education, culture and medical-and-health care.

    In 2022, the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Burberry jointly established the Youth Sustainable Development Fund, aiming to cultivate young people's awareness and scientific literacy of sustainable development. As part of this, Burberry and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation launched the ‘Saplings’ programme to inspire youth participation in tree planting and environmental conversation activities, and thereby foster pioneers for future sustainable development. The programme to date has donated 10,000 trees.

    A spokesperson from the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation - “Burberry actively integrates into China, initiating corporate social responsibility and sustainable development projects. In 2022, we jointly established the Youth Sustainable Development Special Fund, aiming to cultivate young people's awareness and scientific literacy of sustainable development, establish a sense of community with a shared future for mankind, and cultivate new era young people with comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics, and labor, and an international perspective.”

    Funded by Burberry Group Plc

  • Community Youth Center of San Francisco (CYC)

    Community Youth Center of San Francisco (CYC) provides the youth in San Francisco, California a sense of belonging and vital tools and experiences to succeed in life. Founded in 1970, CYC now serves over 8,000 youth each year and is one of only a few agencies in San Francisco addressing the needs of a diverse population of low-income, high-need and at-risk Asian Pacific Islander, Latinx and African American young people. Its many services include academic and college counselling, job placement and employment training, crisis intervention and mediation, leadership development, and technology and computer training.

    Sarah Wan, Executive Director at the CYC - “For over 53 years, Community Youth Center of San Francisco has provided the diverse youth of our city with a sense of belonging and the necessary tools and experiences to succeed in life. Now, with the support of the Burberry Inspire programme – which we are thrilled to be a part of – we can broaden our impact and provide vital resources to help our young people discover and unlock their potential in academic achievement, creativity and leadership. The direct effects of this partnership will be seen in the expanded opportunities our youth will have to help others and learn from their peers, to refine their skills and to amplify their voices. Above all, we look forward to witnessing our youth at CYC become more engaged and invested members of their community, inspiring others as they’ve inspired us.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • CO&SO


    Co&So is a consortium of 14 social enterprises and a community of almost 5,000 members that has been operating in Tuscany, Italy and at a European level since 1998, designing welfare solutions and personal services. Co&So operates in the fields of education, social inclusion, care, active labour policies, culture and tourism, and promotes accessibility, proximity, quality and innovation. The consortium’s mission is to invest in human capital and enhance people’s skills, talents and abilities because this allows non-profit organisations to play a new role as an agent of social transformation.  

    Claudia Calafati, Director of the Co&So Consortium - “Public resources allocated to youth policies have significantly reduced in recent years. Being part of the Burberry Inspire programme will allow us to experiment and implement innovative youth working models. We imagine a significantly high impact for young people; we will involve adolescents and young people in situations of socio-cultural poverty, offering them opportunities and experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible, to promote their talents and creativity.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • CSV Milano


    Founded in 1997, CSV Milano serves 1,000 youth annually in Milan, Italy. It collaborates with the municipalities throughout the metropolitan city of Milan, schools and universities, and other organizations to promote a culture of volunteering and solidarity.

    Veronica Degan, Project Coordinator at CSV Milano - “At CSV Milano, our role is to promote, support and qualify volunteering in all its forms to support social change and respond to the needs of our communities. We’re so excited to be participating in Burberry Inspire because it will help us provide the tools to improve the creative skills of young people and, in turn, increase their self-esteem, self-confidence, teamwork and communication – all essential for becoming the adults of tomorrow. We are looking forward to coming together with Burberry, IYF and The Burberry Foundation to build an open window for the community to demonstrate the potential of this generation, which often remains unheard or silent.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • Future for Youth Foundation in Korea

    Founded in 2000, the Future for Youth Foundation in Korea (FYF) is a social welfare foundation dedicated to fostering talent and with the vision of a society where everyone can achieve a bright and healthy future. It runs professional social contribution projects such as education and mentoring programmes, scholarships and educational environment-improvement projects. FYF believes that creative development opportunities play a vital role in helping young people identify their strengths, determine a career path and prepare for future success. It serves over 200,000 youth annually.

    Doyeon Kim, Assistant Manager at Future for Youth Foundation - “The Burberry Inspire programme will support an initiative that enables all young people to unleash their inherent creativity through science, engineering, maths and the arts, and to grow leaders of tomorrow through activities and experiences that proactively address the many challenges facing our society. Through the experience of working in a team, as part of a programme designed to improve leadership and problem-solving skills based on creativity, teens will develop communication and collaboration skills that are essential for their future.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • Girls Inc. of New York City

    Founded in 1998, Girls Inc. of New York City (GINYC) inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, delivering life transforming programs to girls, young women, and gender-expansive youth throughout New York City. The organization serves 10,000 students annually across 150+ middle and high-schools with comprehensive, "whole girl" programming that fits directly into the framework of creative youth development.

    April Caldwell, Chief Programs Officer at GINYC - “Girls Inc. of New York City inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold. Our research-based, culturally relevant curricula – delivered by trained professionals – equips girls for academic success and prepares them to live healthy and physically active lives. What excites me most about the Burberry Inspire programme is that it will provide opportunities for our girls to create change within their communities. For example, we are creating and designing a conference for nearly 1,000 girls to come together and develop the skills to advocate for themselves and their communities. Through creating, organising and connecting, we believe that they will be able to uplift each other’s voices to create change across New York City.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • The Girl Scouts of Japan

    The Girl Scouts of Japan (GSJ) has been a leader in positive youth development in Japan for 100 years, with a focus on girls and young women. Founded in 1920, GSJ serves over 30,000 girls and women annually with the mission of enabling girls and young women to think and to work on their own for happiness and peace as responsible citizens.

    Nanae Aida, National Commissioner of Girl Scouts of Japan - “We are very pleased to be a part of the Burberry Inspire programme and look forward to increasing opportunities for our young people to develop their creativity. Girl Scouts has transformed the lives of girls and young women worldwide for over 100 years and has always placed value on utilising practical skills to empower and create global citizens. Through the programme, we will be enabled to enhance and expand our efforts, offering our Girl Scouts the opportunity to channel creativity into their learning experiences and into action to make a better world."

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • Haja Center

    Haja Center (Seoul Career Center for Youth & Future) is a facility for young people established in 1999 by Yonsei University upon entrustment by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It plans, develops and implements alternative career planning programs, and engages in activities promoting a sustainable career exploration ecosystem with the aim of creating a ‘youth culture of active self-participation in preparing for the future’. 

    Hwang Yunok, Head Director of Haja Center - “Through Burberry Inspire, we intend to address the social issue of limited career options for youth by fostering their creativity through arts and cultural activities. With 25 years of experience, we empower young people to shape their lives amidst today’s challenges.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • Heart of Los Angeles

    Founded in 1989, Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) currently helps over 3,100 young people a year overcome barriers through exceptional, free, integrated programs and personalized guidance in a trusted, nurturing environment. From a dynamic youth orchestra and sophisticated visual arts department to sport offerings, STEAM classes, wraparound counselling and family resource services, at HOLA students have access to creative learning experiences that nurture cognitive development, personal growth, leadership and cultural expression.

    Tony Brown, CEO of Heart of Los Angeles - “We believe young people can achieve anything when given equitable access to the tools for success. Through Burberry Inspire, we’re excited to be able to give young people the access they deserve to high-quality arts programming and creative opportunities in a variety of spaces. There is no end to what we can accomplish when we invest in the creative capacity of our young people. At Heart of Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on helping youth to find inventive solutions for today’s problems, so that we can have a brighter future tomorrow.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

    Established in 1993, Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (HKYAF) is a charity that provides access to high quality, non-competitive free-of-charge arts experiences for all young people aged 5 to 25. Each year, HKYAF reaches over 800,000 people through its projects, exhibitions and performances.

    Wendy Tsang, Director at Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation - “We are honoured to take part in this incredible Burberry Inspire programme. Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation is committed to empowering young individuals through the arts, sharing a common mission with Burberry Inspire. We believe that all young people, regardless of their abilities, have the potential to become valuable talents and drive positive change within their communities.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • International Youth Foundation

    The International Youth Foundation (IYF) stands by, for and with young people. Founded in 1990, it is a global non-profit organisation with programmes directly benefiting eight million young people and operations spanning over 105 countries. Together with local community-based organisations and a network of partners, it connects young people with opportunities to transform their lives. The IYF believes that educated, employed and engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Its vision is to see young people inspired and equipped to realise the future they want. 

    Susan Reichle, President & CEO of the programme’s principal partner, IYF - “At the International Youth Foundation (IYF), we believe all young people possess the potential to transform their lives and create positive change in the world. This fundamental belief is also at the heart of Burberry Inspire. Together with local youth-serving organisations around the globe, we will equip and support young people to unlock their creativity, develop their confidence, share their voices with the world and create the bright future to which they are entitled. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • New York Edge

    New York Edge is the largest provider of after-school programming in New York City, serving 30,000 students across NYC. Founded in 1992, its mission is to help bridge the opportunity gap among students in underinvested communities by providing programmes designed to improve academic performance, health and wellbeing, self-confidence and leadership skills. NYE offers relevant programming in STEM, the visual and performing arts, sport, and college and career readiness across 160 locations.

    Rachel Gazdick, CEO of New York Edge - “What excites me about the Burberry Inspire programme is the opportunity that it brings to our children. Our kids are passionate, and they need the tools and equipment, as well as the teachers and resources, to really ignite their creativity and find out what they are good at. This type of partnership allows our students to spark their intellectual curiosity and be guided through how they can imagine themselves in the future. The impact is tremendous, not just on our students, but on their families, their communities and the next generation.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • OnSide

    OnSide is a national charity that believes all young people should have the opportunity to discover their passion and their purpose. They fund and build state-of-the-art, multimillion-pound Youth Zones in the country’s most economically disadvantaged areas where young people can learn and grow, share and celebrate their success together. Each year, 50,000 young people are supported by Youth Zones.

    Jamie Masraff, CEO at Onside - “Partnering with Burberry for this programme is exciting for us at OnSide and even more so for the young people we work with across our Youth Zone Network. Our Youth Zones support young people in some of the most deprived areas of the UK by providing them with opportunities they otherwise would not have had – and that is exactly what Burberry Inspire is all about. We know that talent is evenly distributed across the UK, but opportunity is not. By engaging with the activities and support we will be able to offer, thanks to Burberry, young people will be able to increase their confidence and develop creative skills that will hugely benefit them throughout their lives.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • Outward Bound Trust

    The Outward Bound Trust’s mission is to inspire young people to believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. Partnering with schools, colleges, employers and youth groups to teach the most important lesson a young person could ever learn: to believe in themselves. As a charity, they do not let financial need stand in the way of participation, with over 80% of attendees receiving funding to come on their outdoor courses, empowering them to succeed for themselves, their communities and society.

    In April 2024, Burberry announced that it was joining forces with The Outward Bound Trust to give secondary school students across the UK greater access to outdoor learning and to inspire young people through adventure. The partnership would enable students aged 11–18 to join the Trust’s outdoor challenges at minimal cost to families and focus on schools in London, Leeds, Castleford and Keighley – regions connected to Burberry’s heritage.

    Martin Davidson, Chief Executive at Outward Bound - “Through this partnership, Burberry are not just supporting Outward Bound, they’re investing in the future leaders of our country. It's about lighting a spark of adventure, resilience, and determination in young people, values that have been at the core of our mission since 1941.”

    Funded by Burberry Group Plc

  • Save the Children

    Save the Children exists to help every child get the chance of a future they deserve. In more than 100 countries, including the UK, we make sure children stay safe, healthy and continue learning – finding new ways to reach children who need us most. For a century, we’ve stood up for children’s rights and made sure their voices are heard. With children, for children, we change the future for good.

    In October 2023, The Burberry Foundation announced it was partnering with Save the Children to launch Life Chances, a programme designed to support young Ukrainian refugees in Poland and that had been displaced as a result of the humanitarian crisis. The programme aims to further the young people’s education and career prospects, improve their social and emotional well-being and empower them to become agents of change within their communities.

    Celina Kretkowska-Adamowicz, Director of Programme Operations from Save the Children in Poland - “So many children have been displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, and for teenagers who are thinking about their future careers and who are trying to discover their identities, it is an incredibly challenging time. Together with FRSI, our local NGO partner in Poland, we are delighted to be partnering with Burberry to give teenage Ukrainian refugees an opportunity to continue their education as well as to improve their social and emotional well-being. As the programme was co-designed in consultation with young Ukrainians and Polish youth, we feel confident that we are giving them the best possible chances of success and we hope that it will give them the opportunities they deserve.”

    Funded by The Burberry Foundation

  • Shanghai Youth Development Foundation

    Established in October 1994, the Shanghai Youth Development Foundation is committed to supporting young people in national poverty-stricken areas through the promotion of education. With Project Hope being a key focus for the Shanghai Youth Development Foundation, the organisation is mobilizing people in Shanghai and beyond to donate funds for the training of teachers and the construction of further schools and sports grounds across the nation. As of March 2021, more than 10 million people had been mobilized to participate in Project Hope.

    Wang Jiang, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League - "The establishment of the" Burberry Youth Entrepreneurship Fund "is precisely the gathering of social force and good that we need to in promote the employment of college students with dedication and passion."

    Funded by Burberry Group Plc

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