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Burberry is an iconic brand, with a history of exploration and adventure. We are digital pioneers with a strong reputation for extraordinary creativity. We will build on these foundations to establish our position firmly in luxury, inspiring consumers with our distinctly British spirit. To achieve this ambition, we will change our approach to product, communication and the customer experience. These actions will be underpinned by our continued focus on driving productivity, simplifying our business and strong financial discipline.

Product is at the heart of our transformation

We will reshape our offer, increasing and invigorating the fashion content. We will create compelling luxury leather goods and accessories to attract new customers. We will build on the strength of our apparel and re-energise it. We will build our offer to provide a complete look for our customers, while continuing to simplify our ranges.

Communication will convey new energy

We will put product at the centre of our communication. We will leverage our extensive digital reach to convey new energy. We will be bold in the way we engage luxury consumers, reinventing our editorial content and experiences.

Customer experience will reflect our positioning

To ensure our distribution is consistent with our brand positioning, we will rationalise non- luxury wholesale and retail doors, with an initial emphasis on the US and then EMEIA. We will transform our in-store experience by refurbishing our stores and enhancing our luxury service. We will continue to lead innovation in digital, delivering personalised experiences and true omnichannel services.

Our actions will be underpinned by continued focus on productivity, simplification and financial discipline. We will engage and motivate our teams, reinforcing our culture and values. We will continue to be an industry leader in responsibility.